GoodBy to 2014

Morning Visions
I know its a little late, but I wanted to share my last thoughts from 2014.  It feels very important to create some context around what comes next.  Life is Evolving.
What’s on my Heart?
First, and most important, I want express my deepest gratitude and joy that you all have brought me this year. My heart is so FULL that it aches with Joy.  Each of you has blessed me in ways that cannot ever be measured.

” Change is coming to my life and my way of being in this world.  I can feel it. I am being asked from deep within to sink ever deeper into Connection and Surrender!  I am being asked to listen to what energizes me and what inspires true Happiness from within, and to let go of everything else.  As I walk through this transformation, I will be happy to share my journey with anyone who wants to know.  This, then is our Future.”

This awareness is growing, exploding, expanding within me and so strong that I cannot ignore it.  My Body knows it, My Mind knows it, My Heart knows it.  The only, haha, uncertainty is… I don’t know the details of how this change will be wrought.

Funny thing is, I am hearing these same sentiments from friends and colleagues all over the world.  Suddenly, the old paradigm is no longer working, feels limited or simply done.  Change, even positive change is the root cause of STRESS.  We are being asked to step out of the comfort zone and into the breathtaking, heart palpitating, terror inducing, adventure of the journey into the UNKNOWN.

So I begin with what I do know.  I am being called to turn inward and PRACTICE the very thing that I teach… Self-Care, Self-Cultivation, Self-Deepening.  It is time for a MINI Sabbatical.  This will be time for my own rest, renewal and clarifying of my next direction.

I do know that I must marshal my energies much more carefully. Beginning in 2015, my schedule and my focus will change.  I will be teaching and facilitating only with folks who desire to make a deep commitment to their own inner growth.

I am starting a Private Group of those who wish to do deep and continuing work.  More info will be available as I understand the needs of the group.  If you are interested in going deeper with yourself and doing serious work to change your life, please let me know if you wish to be considered for this group.  I will only be taking a limited number of people in order to preserve the intimacy of the group and be able to give my time to each person.

So this is what I know at the end of 2014.  This is what I feel at the eve of new beginnings.  This is what I embrace as I enter the new year and step into 2015.  May Blessings, Joy and Fulfillment be the touchstones of your life in this, marvelous year full of promise and possibilities.  EnJoy,
~deb paradise~

Tattood Buddhist “Impressions from sitting in the presence of the 14th Dalai Lama”


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Recently, I had the supreme honor of being in the presence of the 14th Dalai Lama.  The strength of his Presence and the tenderness and compassion for all people were so evident in everything he did and said.   He revealed a mischievous sense of humor, evident in his orchestrations between the other panelists that was refreshing and in a strange way reassuring.

Having had the privilege of sitting with my own Teacher for the past 24+ years, I am quite used to the Eastern way of teaching.  Always, always the same message:  Work hard; Connect in Love; Forgive yourself and others; Have Compassion for your neighbor; Be a good person.  He was quite simple in the things he said.  He radiated love, compassion and affection for all.

There was, of course a phalanx of irritants and distractions that are common with great Teachers. Language issues — volume and accent are ever present challenges. There was much moving about, changing of chairs, seating order, problems with the sound (a very common one with my Teacher as well), stopping and distracting on small details in the crowd, hecklers and general distractions.  All of these things are so familiar to me and carry such purpose and serve to activate an individual’s issues.  A reminder, perhaps, that even here, in the face of one of the world’s great Spiritual Leaders are small, mundane opportunities to stay centered and calm in the face of seeming randomness.

Throughout he delivered a consistent, positive message. His main focus, repeated over and over, was to understand that at the heart of all great philosophies and religions is the same message — LOVE.  He also emphasised the importance of Happiness in Life.  His keys to this were a loving household, tenderness, always, towards children and a strong moral center.  He gently reminded us all that we need to work hard and this is both in our life pursuits and also in developing ourselves as good people.  He quietly urged us to return to this “hard work” when it comes to conducting ourselves as individuals (inner cultivation), in society (being good neighbors) and in the world (finding and building commonality rather than focusing on our differences).

I took notes as I could in the spaces between paragraphs and around the edges of some brochures and flyers I had with me.  Somehow, even this seemed significant, as how we work with the spaces between our life distractions, what we find in the marrow of the bones of our lives is what truly feeds us and helps us survive and thrive through our lives.  I have included here, a transcript of my notes.  These are not perfect quotes, but more the feverish writing in the half-dark as I tried to stay present and listen, while grabbing hold of the things that stood out to me.

Quote/Notes from the Dalai Lama, October, 2014

“Everyone wants to be Happy.  This is common to all peoples.  Everyone wants to be Happy and everyone has a right to happiness.”

How do we find commonality?  “We look for the ways we are the same.”

How can we be Happy?  “As a child, I never saw an angry face on my mother.  I never saw her angry.  I only saw love on her face.  She never showed me anger no matter what I did.    Once, when some people were traveling through my village, maybe Chinese people, they were very hungry.  Then I saw tears on my mother’s face.  She was sad as she handed out food.  Tears fell as she handed out food.  So Human Beings need compassionate attitude in the family. They need to have Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness.  They must have Values and need common core of Beliefs, Inner Beliefs that all in the family can share.”


When considering the choice between practicing Patience vs Impatience in attempting to create an outcome or fight for a cause (social change):

“You must first assess the “Reality” of the outcome you seek.  It is very important to understand the reality of the possibility of your outcome.  You must be realistic about what you can accomplish.  Then you decide.  If the outcome is possible or easy to accomplish, then you take action and push forward, perhaps a little impatience works in this case.  If the action is not easy or probable in the immediate future, then you practice patience and continue to take steps that are possible.”

“You must NEVER lose your moral compass.”

“Remain Calm.”

“Sometimes as you practice patience and wait, you let some time pass.  You are seen to be consistent and Trust is developed.  This then, creates support for your cause or outcome.”

“Likewise, sometimes impatience leads to failure.  Force causes mistakes and resentment and Distrust is the result.”


To create a secure individual:

“We all have the Desire and the Right to live with Peace and Happiness.”

“Inner struggle is essential to develop a happy, strong, secure person.”

“Happy Mind is very important for Happy Body.”  

“The opposite of Fear is Trust.”

“Trust comes if an individual is given affection (love, acceptance, tolerance, consistent values and morals) as a child.  There must be affection between 2 people.”

“Affection develops Trust in Life.”

“Anger develops Suspicion in Life.”

“When you come home at the end of the day, take an interest in your wife, in your child.  Give affection and loving kindness as this is the key to creating a happy family, a social individual.”

“Ask, who is my neighbor?  My neighbor is like me.  All the great religions or philosophies have at their heart the same message… that of LOVE.  7 Billion people and no one wants trouble.  7 Billion people and all of them want Happiness.”  

“Even non-believers (in a Religion) must think properly.  All must cultivate Compassion.  A Compassionate mind is better for Health.  Even if no Belief, one can find commonality in the desire for Happiness and the belief in Love.  Respect Non-believers so all can live together.”

“Anger eats the Immune System.”  

“If I Isolate, I suffer.  Genuine Love is not depending on circumstance but from what is in a person’s Heart and Compassion.”  

 What about Jihad?  “Jihad original meaning is “Battle with the self — battle with inner demons, not battle with others who are different.”

At the end of the talk, he came to the front of the stage.  Again, in the way of great teachers, he ignored the dignitaries and his own handlers.  Instead, he focused on a child.  He reached and blessed her, stepped away for a moment, then reached out for her again.  He invited her up on stage.  He blessed her again, hugged her, mugged for the camera in a perfect photo op.  Then, he tugged on her pigtails and told her that she is the future. He asked her if she knew she is the future.  She said yes and laughed and told her to be strong, work hard, be the future.  It was a wonderful reminder to see that our children grown up Strong, Secure, Well Adjusted, and yes, Happy.  When we raise our children well, we create the Future.  

Well, I hope that these things help you as much as they helped me.  I leave my weekend filled with Love and a sense of Calm and Peace.  I feel blessed and honored and so very, very grateful.  ~deb paradise~


Tattood Buddhist “The more you invest, the greater your return.”


Lately, I have been offering a series of FREE 7-Day Crystal Grid Healing events.  These are centered around my Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth and offer an opportunity to enter you name onto the grid and receive energy from the grid (and me) for 7 days.  I create a unique “EVENT PAGE”  for each healing grid.  When you sign up, you receive a link to that page.  (see Event Page for SELF LOVE)

For many, this is the end of their involvement.  They sign up and receive.  And that is perfectly ok.

Crysal Grid for Healing Relationships 7 May 2014

A Crystal Grid is simply a group of crystals that are laid out in a pattern in order to amplify the energy and effectiveness of the crystal resonances.  Together they create a specific energy and with an Intention set for the grid, they are programmed to send energy to support the specific healing intent.  The energy, like all distance healing, goes out and you are not required to be present to receive it.  The Grid boosts that energy and strengths its effects.  Photos of the grids serve as a way to focus and open to the energy and many say they feel the resonance coming off of the pictures.

There is so much more that can be done through the tool of the Event Page.  There are pics of the grids, affirmations (added daily), Channeled messages, Tips, information.  Every one is unique and specific to that grid.  I activate the grid at 10pm on the start of the event and every evening, I meditate with the grid and you are invited to join in during that 10pm cst to 10:30 time.  If you open the page, you can focus on the photo of the grid or use an affirmation while you are meditating. There is an opportunity every day of the event to access the healing energy of the grid and work with it.

I have been wondering how much folks were actually working with the grid beyond signing up.  This month, I received so much feedback about how positively the grids are affecting them.  Folks are emailing me about their Atomic Boost dreams and strange coincidences that are happening during and just after the grid events.  And then I received this response from one of my students about the Self Love Grid.  She has done RenDu painting and Guided movement as well as working with the grids.  She sent me these images of her daily meditation with the grid for Self Love.  Each day she took the daily affirmation and let her creativity flow!  She included her journal entries for each drawing, which I will not be showing, but the total package was amazing and powerful.   She talked about how perfect the timing was in her week and the occurrences that were perfectly aligned to that day’s work.  Thanks to CS for sharing her very powerful and personal experience with the 7 Day Atomic Boost Healing Grid for Self Love (August, 2014)

Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 1  Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 2Atomic Boost Crystal Grid by CA from the Self Love Grid 3

Yes, you can just sign up, and let it go at that, but when you give the time and effort to yourself to really take advantage of these healing moments, you get back so much more.  Consider what you can do to take full advantage of these healing events.  The bonus every time you participate, it adds to the overall energy of the grid and everyone feels the BOOST!

If you want to purchase an Atomic Boost Crystal Grid Cloth and/or the Atomic Boost 54 Piece Crystal Fundamentals Kit link here:  PURCHASE.  The Events are free, however, I do gratefully accept Energy Exchange donations.